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Experience your dream wedding in an unforgettable, unmatched African safari setting.

There’s something magical about a destination wedding in an exotic, faraway land. And there’s nothing more faraway, more exotic or more magical than sharing your wedding with your closest family and friends under the warm glow of the African sun.

Many of the safari lodges at Madikwe Game Reserve offer exactly that dream, with a picture-perfect location amid the bush landscapes and abundant wildlife, married to all the comforts and luxuries your heart could desire.

As a private reserve, Madikwe Game Reserve does not have the same limits or restrictions (or crowds!) as a national park. Here you’ll get closer to the animals, sharing thrilling safari game drives by day and intimate moments in the safari lodge hideaways at night.

There’s also a range of choices here. Madikwe Game Reserve’s safari lodges come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and settings – from rustic to traditional, and from elegant to opulent. This gives you the chance to choose a location that fits your style, your needs and – down to a tee – the way you want your African safari wedding to look. Whether it’s a small and intimate affair or a big and boisterous party you’re after, Madikwe Game Reserve has world-class safari lodges to provide the unforgettable setting, and highly trained staff to assist with the planning and provide the execution.

Weddings are, of course, about the little details. That’s where our team of on-the-ground consultants come in, arranging all the accommodation for your wedding party and hooking you up with reputable local suppliers who can attend to any other needs you might have. Our love for Africa truly makes the difference here, giving you the comfort of knowing that everything is taken care of – and that the only surprises are those that will delight you and your loved ones.

And those little luxurious extras will make memories that’ll last forever. Maybe it’s a champagne breakfast near the watering hole, as elephants parade past. Perhaps it’s the picture of you and your new spouse riding away from the ceremony in a safari game vehicle, passing Africa’s unique guard of honour – zebras, rhinos, and antelope – as you make your way to a charming reception by the riverside. Or it could be the luxurious overnight hideaway under the starry canvas of the African night sky.

The magic of a destination wedding lies exactly there: in the destination. Here again, Madikwe Game Reserve is unrivalled, set in a malaria-free area with excellent weather through most of the year, and lying in close proximity to international airports in Johannesburg, South Africa, and Gaborone, Botswana. The reserve is a faraway dreamland, but it’s also quickly, easily and feasibly accessible.

And it’s all yours. Madikwe Game Reserve has a vast landscape to play with, giving you and your party solitude and privacy in the unforgettable, unmatched setting of the African bushveld.


Madikwe Game Reserve safari lodges that offer destination weddings:

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