Rhino Conservation & Wild Dog Awareness

Conservation is an active and important part of life at Molori Safari Lodge. We work closely with Madikwe Game Reserve in its rhino conservation efforts, and guests can by arrangement be part of an extraordinary hands-on rhino tagging experience, participating in the notching, DNA sampling and microchipping of the rhino’s horns. Guests can also participate in dog tracking experiences and learn more about this extraordinary and highly endangered species

The Molori conservation experience shares with guests the intensive push to conserve and protect these amazing animals for future generations.

Rhino Conservation
Madikwe Game Reserve is home to the highest concentration of rhino in Africa, and rhino conservation is an active part of life here. Molori Safari Lodge is committed to rhino conservation and, through the Ichikowitz Family Foundation, works closely with Madikwe Game Reserve as well as SANPARKS, covering the greater Kruger National Park. The Foundation provides both parks with specialised equipment, and Molori’s field guides assist Madikwe Game Reserve with night patrols and are available for immediate dispatch should an incident occur.

Wild Dog Awareness
Madikwe Game Reserve is home to the endangered Wild Dog, the second most endangered carnivore in Africa after the Ethiopian Wolf. There are fewer than 6 000 remaining in Africa, although some estimates put their numbers as low as about 3 000. The current population of Wild Dogs in South Africa is estimated at less than 400.

These intelligent, highly interactive, and cooperative predators move in packs of between six to 20, though larger packs were more common before the dogs became endangered. The pack is usually dominated by a monogamous breeding pair; the female has a litter of two to 20 pups, which are cared for by the entire pack. Highly social they communicate by touch, actions, and vocalisations, and are expert hunters – close to every Wild Dog hunt is successful. Packs have also been known to share food and to assist weak or ill members.

The Molori conservation experience shares with guests the intensive push to conserve and protect these amazing animals for future generations. Guests spend an early morning tracking down the Madikwe Game Reserve Wild Dog pack and learn about the packs strictly defined social hierarchy, the bonds between members, and their cooperative hunting techniques.

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