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Earth Hour 2014 - what you can do

by Tara Turkington - Flow Communications – 26 March 2014

Let’s all support this initiative and make a difference both as individual and as businesses.
Pledge your support for Earth Hour
Earth Hour is an initiative to raise environmental awareness and inspire positive action that the WWF runs.
Earth Hour is so much more than switching off your lights for an hour, it is a global movement of people taking action for the environment.

Ever wonder why Zebras have stripes?

by Paul Slyer (head field guide Jaci's Lodges) – 25 March 2014

Well there are 3 theories and 1 proven case.
The first theory is that because most mammals are colour blind including predators, they see in different shades of grey.

What is a camera trap?

by Declan Kofer (Jaci's Field Guide) – 19 March 2014

We always love to know what’s happening out in the bush while we are back in the lodge working or sleeping at night so we decided to invest in a camera trap which works on a motion sensor that picks up movement as animals walk past it. It then takes 3 pictures in 5 second intervals. At night the camera has an infra red flash ...

Jaci's Top 10 birds

by Paul Slyer (head field guide) – 8 March 2014

Coming to Jaci’s Lodges is not all about finding the top 10 mammals but to also spend time appreciating the beautiful birds found in Madikwe.
So we have compiled our top 10 most beautiful or impressive birds you should lookout for while on Safari.

Wildlife viewing at Jaci's Lodges

by Declan (Jaci's field guide) – 28 February 2014

Jaci’s is situated in the amazing Madikwe Game Reserve along the edge of the Groot Marico River. You don’t need to go outside our protective electric fence to experience great bird life and animals as we find many within the boundaries of the lodge. Take the resident Bushbuck, a shy elusive antelope which you don’t see very often in the park due to their forest habitat - luckily for us, they are seen around the lodge on a frequent daily basis & they are used to guests stopping in excitement when they are noticed amongst foliage.

January Camera Trap: Photo Blog

by Jaci's Rangers – 12 January 2014

It’s amazing what happens when we are all fast asleep (especially when there is a kill in a tree)... the most amazing pictures captured on our Jaci’s Lodges camera trap…

Happy New Year

by Diana Becker – 31 December 2013

Today is the 31st December 2013.  Who would have thought that this year would have flown by so quickly?

Meet Munye

by Roel Van Muiden – 29 December 2013

Madikwe is home to many species of animal, but for many guests it is the Leopard that is highest on their list to see. Unfortunately the cats are one of the most elusive creatures in the area.

Camera Trap: Photo Blog

by Paul Slyer – 11 December 2013

Enjoy some of the pictures captured by our Jaci’s lodges camera trap last week while a pack of Wilddogs feast on a kudu female…

Rhino poaching

by Roel Van Muiden – 6 December 2013

By the end of the year 2013 around 1000 Rhino’s will have been illegally hunted in South Africa. This year will mark the first year where we will have negative population growth, so the population in South Africa is actually going down. Just to give an idea, we are losing 1 rhino every 8.7 hours. This is in South Africa alone, what happens on the rest of the continent is not as well-known as in South Africa…