Madikwe Moments Blog

Predator interaction on Jaci's Camera trap

by Paul Slyer - Head field guide – 7 July 2014

Jaci’s Lodges in Madikwe game reserve guests were treated to some very interesting and unique predator interaction after leaving a camera trap at a dead buffalo carcass over a 12:00 hour period.


by Paul Slyer (Head guide of Jaci's Lodges) – 7 June 2014

Madikwe Game Reserve is arguably one of the best places in Southern Africa to find and view wild dogs.  These predators are one of those most fascinating animals to watch, having a very tight bond amongst themselves.

Jaci's Lodges, Madikwe - Field guides update - May 2014

by Paul Slyer (Head field guide - Jaci's Lodges) – 18 May 2014

This month seems to be the perfect month if you enjoy landscape photography, with cold misty mornings filled with dew drop covered spider webs maiking for very interesting photographs as well as cold clear Madikwe nights which make for perfect star photography.

Jaci's Lodges, Madikwe - Field guides update - April 2014

by Paul Slyer (Head field guide - Jaci's Lodges) – 18 May 2014

Well, the Madikwe March summer rains have finally subsided and April only bought 2 or 3 small downpours. The bush is still lovely and green with a lot of surface water remaining in form of water puddles & fabulous mud wallows which the animals are enjoying before they totally dry up.

What are brood parasites?

by Paul Slyer (head field guide) - Jaci's Lodges – 18 May 2014

Brood Parasites are birds that lay their eggs in other species nests and let that species act as a foster parent to raise their chicks. The benefit of this is to lay multiple eggs in multiple nests which greatly increases the chances of more offspring being raised till adult hood, rather than spending all their time and energy raising one clutch of chicks.

Madikwe's cleanup crew at work

28 April 2014

A little while ago a large male giraffe with a badly broken leg was spotted not far from one of the dams on Madikwe. When the reserve management went to assess the situation the Giraffe had succumbed to his severe injury. So a small road was created for the game viewers to approach the carcass and then the waiting began. Who will get there first?

A warm welcome to Jaci's Lodges GM couple - Brett & Claire

by Jaci – 21 April 2014

We welcome Brett & Claire Bayman who have recently joined Jaci’s Lodges, Madikwe as the new General Management couple. They come to Jaci’s Lodges from Livingstone, Zambia

Horns & their many uses

by Roel van Muiden (field guide, Jaci's Lodges) – 12 April 2014

Many species of antelope as well as the Cape Buffalo will have horns, either both sexes will support them or just the males.

Lucky was nearly "UnLucky!"

by jaci – 7 April 2014

When Lucky arrived at the Jaci’s Safari Lodge swing bridge entrance yesterday he found it most strange that there were no other guides or their vehicles in the area.

Jaci's Lodges, Madikwe - Field guide update - March 2014

by Paul Slyer (Head field guide - Jaci's Lodges) – 27 March 2014

Jaci’s Lodges Field Guides report - March 2014

The month of March started of as the wettest month of the season so far with over 300mm falling in the first 10 days. Never the less our guests did not let the weather dampen there spirits and soldiered on through the rain in search of wildlife.

On the note of wildlife, the rain has not affected it, with excellent sighting of lions, rhinos and elephant seen on a daily basis. Even our usually elusive leopards ...